I have never voted or donated to a political campaign

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Sorry if y'all are tired of posts like these.

I was interested in Sanders in 2016 and after the DNC picked Hillary over him it turned me off of politics for a while. I try to stay up to date and read over the news a couple of times a week.

After watching Trump spout non-stop bullshit on the SOTU last night, I was really creeped out. He would claim something about how people are being lifted off of welfare when he's in fact cutting welfare, and then get a standing ovation from the Republicans. Not to mention all of the other dishonest claims.

It was Orwellian.

I visit this sub all the time recently and love the energy. Bernie really is the only candidate that cares about the same issues I do.

It's wild that so many people like myself are getting pushed to the point of actually doing something about it. I am registered to vote although in a red state. Here's to Bernie.


I am subscribed here now and also think I will start text banking.

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