I phonebanked!

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Hey comrades! I made a post a few days back for advice on phone banking. I did so on Sunday!

While I definitely experienced the anxiety I always experience when A) confronting strangers and B) talking on the phone, I wasn't really as bad as I feared. It wasn't the most fun I've ever had, but it was more than worth it to do what I can to advance this movement. Once I get a headset (I used Bluetooth headphones to … mixed results), I fully intend to get back out there, and I encourage anyone who sees this to join me. It's more than worth it.

Thanks so much to all who commented on my original post with advice. You're the real heroes. It not only helped me know what to do, it made me more comfortable.

To any who want advice,

1) really read the end call guide after your first dozen calls to correctly categorize the calls. I thought it seemed so intuitive after the training that I just used my best judgement only to realize latter I had miscategorized calls and wasn't as helpful as I could be.

2) Challenge yourself on how ponderously slow you can talk. If you end up talking to slow, it's slightly annoying and you can readjust on the next call. If you allow your nervousness to make you speak at rapid fire, no one knows what you're saying and you sound like a hostage(which might help keep them on the line)

Have a good one!

Edit- Links to get you involved. If you think I should be including more links, comment them and I'll put 'em here.



Training video- they'll have you also do a brief training conference call (which way less intimidating than what conference call sounds like) that goes over similar info.


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