I was an undecided Democratic voter voter two weeks ago. I’m all in for Bernie now that Bloomberg has announced.

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As of a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure who I was going to vote for. Supported Warren for a bit, thought Buttigieg might make a good president, and, of course, Bernie was always an option. But now, after seeing a billionaire attempting to stop Sanders by spending $ 31 MILLION in his first week of campaigning, I'm Bernie or Bust. The wealthy and well-connected have shown they will do anything to stop common sense reforms that have already been implemented in every first world nation, like medicare for all and tuition-free college. Capitalism in the United States is destroying the working class and the planet. Bernie Sanders, I believe, is the only man who can stop them. I will be donating to him monthly as soon as I get a job, even though I'm a broke as college student.

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