“I won’t vote for an straight old white guy”

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My friend (gay, Latino man, mid-20’s) says he’s voting Warren because he refuses to vote for another straight old white man. “It’s time for a woman” he told me. I’m not sure what the best tactic to take is. I held my tongue from snapping. I want to be civil and try to make a tactful argument that Bernie has stronger merits. I think maybe the electability argument? I’m just so sick of hearing this identity-trumps everything argument. Full disclosure- I’m a straight white, male-identifying person in my 20’s. What do you guys recommend? This guy sees himself as very progressive but he’s not big on policy. It’s infuriating for me, a huge details and policy person that stays extremely up to date on the issues, to hear this pathetic of a rationale for not supporting Bernie. He’s a Big fan of the Obamas. I’m concerned that this line of support for Warren is stronger among young people than we think.

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