If you ever feel discouraged, remember this

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I was talking to another member here and it got me thinking. This is an incredible movement. This is the culmination of a million other voices saying they feel the way you do. We used to be lone wolves who thought this country could work, that we could save the world and take care of each other. We used to be scattered, but now we are together. Bernie has sparked consolidation among us. We aren't supporting Bernie's campaign, we are the campaign. The campaign is not for president, it's a massive group of people standing up for each other and saying "enough."

We are doing this for every person in this country and we are doing this for the whole planet. Even those who will have to pay more will be paying into a new world where people aren't made desperate, where crime is an anomaly. A world where everyone is treated with dignity, and we take every step in our power to stop global warming and pollution, because people don't have to be bad. We don't have to hate each other and destroy our home. We are going to win this thing, but even if we didn't we would still have each other, and THAT is what makes us powerful. We would stay together and together with Bernie we would make a new plan to save the world. And ALL it's inhabitants! Even Trump supporters will soar just as much as the rest of us, and maybe we won't have to be so divided.

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