I’ll be 30 in March, donating $40 today!

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For the first time since I became eligible to vote and donated to Barack Obama's campaign in 2008 I am not only in a financial position to contribute, I also finally have a candidate who I feel needs and deserves my support.

I'm so happy to see all the energy Sanders generates among people of all demographics, and all the outpouring of support that's grown so much since 2016, because it finally feels like we have a shot at taking back our country and making compassion our priority.

So in recognition of that, and the incredible fundraising and canvassing efforts by working class Americans around the nation instead of billionaires, I am donating what I can afford, which is $ 40. That's $ 1 for every one of Buttigieg's Billionaires.

I really hope we can make this happen. In all seriousness, it feels like this election might really be the make or break moment of our nation's history. And I know that if Bernie becomes the nominee we can make it, not break it.

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