I’m absolutely all for the idea for M4A. However, curious about implementation – and effectiveness of implementation – when it’s in the government’s hands.

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I can’t even get my local government to fix a few potholes along my street. I’ve called them multiple times, and they’ve told me, “We’ll get out there soon.”

It’s been 6 months since the potholes started to become serious; I’ve probably called them once a week since then, and they’ve done nothing about it.

And this just an example – but a very typical example – of the government being inefficient with their time. How can I confidently say that the federal government will make M4A run efficiently?

I honestly would find it unacceptable if I have a life-threatening condition and needed surgery, and the federal government told me, “Well get to you as soon as we can, estimated wait is a few months.”

My apologies for getting heated… honestly want to pull a Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec, and learn how to pothole myself. It’s been a very frustrating 6 months.

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