Interesting response: “Weed will be legal, anyway.”

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I know a weed dealer who likes Trump, and when I brought up Sanders to him (with all of the populist proposals he has), he still didn't know. I then brought up the fact that America's Dad will legalize weed, but he said that it would be legal soon anyway. I didn't think of this next counter point until now, but I really wish I did. Tell them this:

"Yeah, you're probably right about that. But if it's up to the states, there's no telling when it will be legalized across the country. Nonviolent drug offenders being released is also a large concern, and Bernard is the only one with a plan to do that. What's also notable, is the fact that it will be a Federal law to legalize THC products nationwide. This can significantly boost the opportunities of small businesses, like your own, to grow and make money. What Sanders will do in addition to that, is keeping the foreign products from monopolizing the cannabis trade when that becomes a federally accepted industry in the US. This is, as Bernie would put it, YUGE. Not only for small businesses, but also the sick people who have found no proper pharmacotherapy, aside from with THC."

Use something similar to this as much as you want, I want this to help our revolution. It could possibly even become a talking-point of Sanders himself!

-George T. E.

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