Is 6:30 early enough for the Iowa caucuses?

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I'm actually kinda worried about that. If the turnout is really going to be as high as they say, 30 minutes might not be enough.

I'm not in Iowa but I did attend the Nevada caucuses in 2016 (as a party volunteer not as a voter) and I remember people showing up early but standing in line because the line had already formed an hour in advance and then they come to the front of the line to be told "no, your caucus location is actually this other place X miles away" and they go there and it's too late. Or the other way around when people came to my location after being told to by a different location but they were late.

I was thinking that maybe people should arrive at 6:15 or 6:20, who knows maybe those extra 10 or 15 mins earlier could make the difference, especially when so many Bernie supporters were locked out of the caucuses in 2016 Iowa.


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