Is this medical scare really the turning point it looks like?

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I'm seeing all these people pouring love to Bernie. Of course the reports were overblown, but that experience of worrying about Bernie's health made them reevaluate Bernie's relationship to them, that he's somehow been a part of their life for years and he's one they all love regardless of whether they agree with his policies or they think he's too much of a nice dream. They're realizing what he's been enduring in his struggle, and maybe now they'll realize what it was like in 2016 when he realized Hillary was too weak to beat Trump so he tried to win over superdelegate support. How they rejected his predictions and lost to Trump and he had to go out and campaign for Hillary.

For us, these are things we've known all along. But a lot of people are more absorbed in themselves and base their support on who personally profits them and notice the struggles of others. They all had a genuine reaction to the news and it all seems to come with care. I don't watch MSNBC/CNN but what they said didn't have much affect on people's reactions to the news. Everyone has a personal relationship with Bernie.

We just need to focus on the electability argument and I think most everyone who cares about beating Trump will get behind Bernie. I suppose the media wanted this medical procedure to affect his electability, but it just shows that the way to maintain your health is to actually maintain your health.

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