Just donated $114 to Bernie’s campaign

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This was for the vacation fund. We’re not wealthy but we are very lucky young Americans.

We realized when we were about to tuck this away into our vacation fund for ourselves: what if living in America was the vacation? What if we funded a movement that works towards fulfilling our potential as a nation, and values people and their communities over how much revenue they can produce? That stops punishing us for how poor and unhealthy we are when it is the meat grinder of disposable labor that made us this way?

This campaign is a movement that is long-sighted enough to recognize the effects of climate change without making excuses for the irresponsibility of corporate exploitation. That is led by two people who have consistently and unwaveringly fought for the working class, one of which has been doing so for almost twice as long as I’ve been alive.

Bernie Sanders. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These are the faces of our future. These are the human beings that my wife and I choose as our leaders. They have real vision. Everything else is just noise. We will support both of these individuals until the very end, with pride and our heads held high. These are the faces of progress.

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