Just got off the dialer calling into Nevada. Here are some thoughts.

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Hey fam,

Just got off the dialer, only had about 30 min to spare so I was able to call about 20 people. The FIRST person who answered was a Bernie supporter that committed to caucus for Bernie. Then the SECOND person who answered was a Bernie supporter who also committed to caucus for Bernie!!!

It was awesome to talk to other supporters and I have a good feeling that there are lots of them in Nevada. I also had a few people hang up on me, I had one person tell me not to call their number again but the rest of the people I talked to were very nice but said they were undecided but definitely considering Bernie and had good things to say about him.

We can do this fam! If you have an extra 20 minutes even, hop on the dialer and let’s blast through these lists and help grow our movement!

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