Knowing Bernie won’t get the nomination

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I see all of this excitement, donations, and good intentions. And then I remember that the DNC gave the nomination to Hillary and essentially disenfranchised their own base and negated millions of dollars in donations.

I see the same song and dance happening already with the poll ‘results’. What’s keeps you honestly believing there is any realistic result? Do you honestly think that retirement accounts will be compromised? That publicly traded companies will allow themselves to lose money because one honest politician says it’s fair? Do you really think that your student loan will be forgiven or that you will be provided a place to live?

I simply ask because those around me do not have that faith in Bernie after tucking tail, supporting Hillary, and essentially saying all of your donations and support don’t matter.

I want to believe… I really do, but at the end of the day I still think the political system is shit and you are only chasing a carrot and as long as you think there is a chance that the common man is represented, you can still be enslaved.

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