Let’s get one thing out of the way about Corbyn.

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The establishment is peddling a narrative that Corbyn's loss in the UK election is a sign that pushing a #toofarleft candidate will backfire.

Let's get this clear once and for all. Corbyn's Labour didn't lose the election because of their economic policies. Most UK voters were in favor of Labour's policies. Let's never mind, too, that on a bad day, UK Labour is about ten miles to the left of the US Democratic Party on a good day (and for that matter, UK Tories are on average a smidge to the left of them too).

Corbyn's failure is that he absolutely refused to take a decisive stand on the most important issue facing his nation. He tried to play the middle on that issue, and failed. He tried to reach out to both sides of the issue and stay neutral.

That's what failed. Not being #toofarleft, but refusing to stake a position on the most pressing issue.

If anything, it was playing to both sides that brought him down. Not the opposite.

He also miserably failed to contain and manage the fallout of pernicious accusations of anti-Semitism that were leveled at his party (never mind the rabid anti-everyone-not-white policies of BP and UKIP and many far right Tories).

This is largely because he was far too obsessed with his own agenda to yield any of them to the number one pressing issue in his country or any of the potshots. He failed at basic politics.

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