LINK to change CA party preference (PRIMARY ELECTION)

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I heard the news about Bernie gaining lead in CA, tentative congrats! I am a Libertarian and Bernie is the best candidate to beat Trump and I support his visions. Libertarian cannot vote for Democrats in Primary election, but I have been thinking about it for a while. The news inspired me to change my party immediately and for those who has been thinking for a while, it takes 5 minutes to change the history. REGISTER HERE. I am now a part of No Party Preference that is allowed to vote for American Independent, Democrat, and Libertarian candidates (source). I went back to change once again, this time to Democrat party to avoid any potential loophole I may face (foolproof as u/Velcrometer said). I hope this shortcut will allow you to get the ball moving and push Bernie further ahead of other candidates.

EDIT: strikethrough one sentence and made a new one after that following through u/Velcrometer's suggestion, thank you.

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