Looking for old congressional speech that was my introduction to Bernie

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I'm trying to find a Bernie speech from some time during the late Bush to early Obama era and I can't find it anywhere. He was speaking in either the House or the Senate in opposition to cuts. His essential thesis was that this deficit that everyone was so concerned about was caused by two things: massive spending on two wars in the Middle East, and massive tax cuts for the rich. The line I remember being so impactful was something like "Poor people didn't spend the money on those wars. The elderly didn't spend the money giving tax cuts to the wealthy. So why are we discussing fixing this massive deficit by taking money away from the poor and from the elderly?" Does anyone remember this speech? Can someone point me to a video? I remember it being really powerful and it stuck in my mind even though I had never heard of Bernie Sanders before then, and when he was running in 2016 I was ready to support him because I remembered that speech.

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