More young people in Virginia voted for Bernie in 2020 than 2016

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I just did a spreadsheet to show that he got more young votes, here it is.

I took the data for the 2020 Virginia primaries here:

I took the data from the 2016 Virginia primaries here:

Obviously, he still lost, but what it shows is that older people turned out in larger numbers in 2020 and doomed the election. That narrative is hardly discussed by the biased anti-Bernie media, which liked to imply that there were fewer young people who voted. They gaslit people by focusing on the fact that their relative percent of the vote shrank, even though the number of youth voters actually rose slightly. You still encounter those people at r/politics.

I or the spreadsheet software might have made some mistakes so take this with a grain of salt. But if you insert the data into your own spreadsheet I expect you'll find a similar result.

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