My health insurance rant

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I was going to wait until I got the bill to post about the ridiculous charge I was going to receive. But this letter I got today….. sigh…. I need to vent. TLDR at the bottom.

12/09/2019 My 11 year old son started to feel crummy and I thought he may have ate something that wasn't agreeing with him, he's had tummy issues in the past.

12/10/2019 I send him to school and about halfway through the day they call and ask if I can come pick him up because he's sick, of course I go. We get home he seems like he's feeling better because he hops on the game #fortnite4life. Later that night I start feeling sick, sympathy I guess. At that point I'm sure its probably a bug that we are now passing around.

12/11/2019 He came and got in my bed sometime that morning and told me his body hurt. I immediately checked for a fever and give him some tylenol and ibuprofen. He can't keep anything down at all. He fell asleep the fever went away so I just thought it was working it's way through his system. He wakes up around 5ish fever is at full blast, I try to give him meds, we got stuff coming out of both ends and it hits me it has to be THE FLU! At that point I know I need to get him the the ER and start getting him well now.

We get to the ER it's packed of course. We get to the back they are checking him out and tell me it's not the flu, he doesn't have a runny nose or a sore throat. They go get another Dr. she asked him to get up and jump, he can't jump very well without being in pain. The Dr. tells me we think it's his appendix, we need to get a sonogram and possibly a CT scan.

12/13/2019 It is well past midnight they did the sonogram but couldn't see his appendix so they have to do a CT. Well it's hard to get him to drink the contrast because he's still has nausea. They give him nausea meds inbetween the contrast in Gatorade. We finally get the CT scan and its 330am and the Dr comes back and says it's his appendix and we need to get him into surgery. They move us to a room and I wait for the surgeon to come talk to me. He comes by around 8am and let's be know that they have him scheduled at 11am and that they hope we get him in before it ruptures.

At this point I'm worried about my son but I can't stop thinking about what kind of bill I'm going to get because I hadn't even met my deductible for the year.

Surgery goes great it didn't rupture and I'm glad I took him in when I did because had we waited any longer it could have and we would have needed to stay in the hospital for 7+ days. We were able to go home the same day around 5PM, I was grateful and tired.

Fast Forward to today 12/21/2019 I get a letter addressed to my son from Blue Cross Blue Shield. Per their words, "Benefits for the service(s)/procedure(s), as described below, have not been approved." "it has been determined that the health care services could be provided in a more efficient and appropriate setting.".

I am livid. From what I can read they are not approving the 13 hour hospital room stay. I guess to them I should have taken him home and waited for a surgery time. I may be overreacting but I just don't understand why this wouldn't be approved. Thank you for coming to my rant, this what it is, I will appeal their decision and call the hospital and set up a payment arrangement and ask for financial assistance if needed. This is why I am voting for Bernie.

TLDR: 11yr old son had to have emergency appendix surgery and health insurance is denying coverage for the 1 day of hospital stay.

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