My tale of converting my husband, a Bernie voter, to become — not only a Bernie volunteer — but a highly motivated one.

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A few of you might remember that I was asking about some links for training for phone banking because I was trying to recruit my husband – a multi award winning salesperson and Bernie voter — to become a Bernie volunteer. I got him to sign up to a local phone banking event on the map but I think it was more to pacify me. I offered the links cuz I know it's his practice to walk into a sales experience prepared. Then just before I got ready to end my evening tonight, I asked if he would watch that 2 minute video on Bernie that referenced the callous remarks of newscasters, titled, 'Bernie Rising' . I pulled it up on my phone, handed it over to him and sat down on our bed w my back to him from where he was standing in our room. I could hear the audio. About 20 seconds before the end I turned around to check his expression. He was on his knees resting the phone on our bed with tears rolling down his face. He handed the phone back to me and I saw him reach for his sweater that indicated he was headed to his computer. I asked, "Are you going downstairs?"
"Yes." "To watch the training videos?" "Yes'" "Did this help?" "Like nothing else could.", he said. The campaign should hire the guy who made that." And he left the room still visibly emotionally moved. I think this video changed his viewpoint and more importantly, his motivation on a deeply visceral level. And I think the campaign just gained a valuable, skilled volunteer. I also think the 'power' of the Bernie Rising video can not be underestimated. Use it. Keeping my fingers crossed🤞🏻His event is next Tuesday. I'll let you know.

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