Need some help on a project I am working on please my Bernie Reddit family!

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Hey all – I am working on a project and could use some help. Need several clips of Bernie talking about certain topics- preferably when he is his most passionate about it (as the msm says- he's yelling)

I'm also looking for the interview that Nina did right after the last debate where she said something like "Bernie is yelling for all of us" or "Bernie is yelling for me" or something to that effect, when the interviewer said all he does is yell. I have searched everywhere for it, and unfortunately I can't even remember what network she was on…..

These are the subjects I need clips on

End Corporate Greed/Taking on Wall Street (I have the line "I am dangerous to Wall Street! from the 2016 debate – need more like that!)

Medicare for all (I already have the "I wrote the Damn Bill" line – I need more of that kind of stuff)

Cancel Student Debt

A Green New Deal

Equal Rights For All

Criminal Justice reform

If anyone has favorite Bernie spittin fire moments about these topics and can post a link (with timestamp of where it is in the video) that would be AWESOME!!! – It can be at ANY time in his career – it doesn't have to be recent (in fact, the more time variety the better)

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who helps!!!!

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