New ridiculous smear against Bernie by AP. Here’s why it’s bull

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Basically, they are calling Our Revolution, a grassroots-funded PAC for downballot progressives, "dark money" and a "super pac"

Now, it's AP, so they've got to have some good evidence before writing a piece, right?


Their literal entire point is that because PACs don't have to disclose their donors, a billionaire could theoretically put a bunch of money into it and then they could put it into Bernie's campaign. And they say that any money Our Revolution raises is "dark money" because they don't have to disclose the donors. So literally the 99% small donors are dark money now, I guess.

Now I don't think any billionaires are putting any massive amounts of money into a group that works to elect progressives that want billionaires to not exist. How ridiculous of an assumption, AP.

This is the most botched, vague article I've ever come across from AP and is a blatant smear article. Beware.

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