Next time when people knock free college for all in favor of a system ‘where the rich pay more’, tell them this

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At this time I would like to make argue for free college for all, and why it's better than having a system where richer families pay more (they actually would).

Income verification is a costly and time consuming process, for both the school and the recipients. I got some amazing financial aid, but every year we have to do a time of paperwork, and verifications, even into the school year. A lot of people don't get their financial aid until way after class registration begins, and so people who already have the money get first picks for classes. Finally, there are a lot of parents who are just assholes. There are many cases where people get kicked out cut off at age 18, especially among LGBTQ people.

There are also cases of families who may get some misconceptions about how much they would have to pay. That's what happened to me. It wasn't until I made some details plans about how I would pay for college that I applied, and found out that it really wasn't going to be anywhere as near as how much I thought it would be. I almost didn't apply for college at all, just because it was really unclear about how much I would have to end up paying, maybe even impossible without applying first. There will be many families who won't apply first.

Another issue is that colleges are jacking up prices across the country. Some of these costs come from resort style landscaping, logo designs from time design firms, PR firms (UC Davis paid 6 figures for damage control regarding the paper spray incident), and probably a lot of other things students may not want to pay for, especially for staying in college debt until your 50s like Barack and Michelle Obama did. But there's little collective forces to oppose these adminstristrations' decisions. Right now just the people attending or about to attend school. Once they graduate, everything's already paid for, and now they're just focusing on dealing with the debt. If the money is coming primarily from all the tax payers, there's much more leverage and tools to audit and negotiate with university spending.

The Rich not paying more for college in free college or all is a myth. They will pay more, to the IRS. We don't need to waste money on a separate income verification and distribution system at every single school. We already have a refined and robust system, the IRS.

Free college for all is not just something that we should pay for to 'invest in our kids'. It's the most economically efficient approach to college.

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