Non-American here. Can someone explain why Bernie is the best candidate?

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Before you go on : I barely know anything about American politics but I'm interested in Bernie Sanders in particular, expect me to say a lot of wrong stuff or things you might not like.

Needless to say, i expect the answers to be heavily biased.

I understand that literally anyone is better than Trump or Hillary, but what makes Bernie the one for you all?

The dude is 78, which usually is not a good sign. I briefly read about his policies and politics on Wikipedia and he seems alright except in some stuff that made me go "meh" at worst.

I guess what I don't like about him is how old he is, because from experience that's a guarantee for him to be disconnected from the real world.

Tl;dr : why bernie and not anyone else for you? What makes him special? (him not being Trump is not a good answer, because anyone is better than Trump)

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