Non-Midwesterners worry that people in the Rust Belt will be turned off by Bernie’s supposed “extremism”. Meanwhile most Midwesterners are just desperate for a decent life.

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I’m a lifelong Michigander and I don’t think this state has been economically healthy in my entire 30 years. The recession for us started in the early 2000’s, meaning 60% of my life has been lived in a state that looks like it’s going thru a modern depression. Outside of downtown Detroit, Oakland & Washtenaw county, and maybe the Traverse City area the rest of the state gets really bleak, really quick. Nearly every small town is dead or just about to be. Our infrastructure is in shambles.

With all this are we really expected to respect or even give the time of day to some corporate candidate that talks about incrementalism? Incrementalism means certain death for people I care about. It means I don’t get to go to a doctor until I’m already middle-aged. It means my state continues to die.

You know what the Rust Belt wants? They want blood. They want to hear someone call for punishing the bankers that cost us our homes. They want retribution, justice, a better life. Bernie is the only one on that stage acknowledging this, and I know deep, deep down in my bones that he’s the only dem candidate that can beat Trump in Michigan in the general. The major news networks and coastal political wonks can go on believing or pretending that we’re a politically moderate region, they’ll just be wrong again like they have been so many times before. Let’s Bern it down y’all, midwestern roll call!

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