Only Bernie Cares About Seniors!Sanders Is The Candidate That Has Fought To Improve Lives and Protect Seniors! All Seniors Donate And Vote For Sanders! Biden Cut Medicare And Social Security 2009!

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Only Sanders has a decades long record of legislating for seniors! From not allowing the cutting of pensions, to expanding social security and improving medicare for seniors, no co pays, no premiums, no supplemental insurance, lower prescriptions

He supports keeping seniors in their homes longer with home health care and services

Bernie is the only candidate who is fighting to protect seniors from losing their homes to pay for nursing home costs

Standing Up for Seniors – Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont Apr 9, 2018 – That is why I have introduced legislation to increase Social Security benefits by about $ 1,300 a year for low-income seniors, increase annual …

Also seniors are dealing with student loans until the grave since they are forever loans Bernie will put an end to this

Also seniors are the most vulnerable to climate change disasters and Bernie is THE environmental candidate

Also every policy indirectly helps seniors, federal jobs means less poverty and less crime

Childcare will free the middle generation to help their aging parents as they get the child care they need

So whether it is seniors that are veterans, seniors that live in rural areas or seniors in urban areas Bernie Stands with Seniors

So Let Our Elders Live With Dignity and Donate to Bernie either here at SFP sub donation link or mail a check or donate to his campaign site

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