Our BOI just KILLED IT on Fallon

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For those who missed it or couldn't watch:

Fallon gave Bernie the entire episode. It was literally just a whole Bernie episode. Went like this:

1: Bernie, Fallon and the band did sexy political beat poetry for the first segment.

2: Commercial

3: Interview – standard topics, "how do you make M4A happen", "talk about climate change", etc, all great answers with lots of applause.

4: Commercial

5: More interview: "Talk about your heart attack" – it was very well-framed and not at all an attack.

6: FREETHROW CHALLENGE: at the end of the "talk about your heart attack" segment, as if to dispel any doubt, Fallon played the full clip of Sanders shooting hoops and getting three in a row, to much applause. He then challenged Bernie to conduct the interview WHILE shooting hoops together onstage. Bernie won. Only downside was Fallon clearly timed one of the questions, hoping Bernie would make the shot when he answered: "By this time next year, will you be President of the United States?" Bernie shot and missed, the audience "aww"ed. He took it in stride though, saying "eh! Why not!" and proceeding to dunk it.

It was a joy to watch and I highly recommend you grab it once it's on youtube and share it around.

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