Our call team is leading BerniePB this week!!! Join the winning team, make 10 calls this week and claim a $10 solidarity donation to Bernie

Donate and support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=1785147

Join #phonebank-textbank channel of our Discord chat for the calling party!!

A group of donors(u/NoLanterns, u/MonkAndCanatella, u/NYLaw, u/zengfreeman's partner, /u/tamshazeleyes and u/maryc973) will be donating $ 10 to Bernie in solidarity for every caller who makes at least 10 calls a week. Send me a message or comment below if you too would like to become a sponsor.

If we as a team top the weekly BerniePB leaderboard, u/Gregordinary will donate $ 25 each to DSA and Our Revolution.

If you're a registered BerniePB User:

  • Join our BerniePB team. Send a message to u/justcasty if the request to join is not accepted in few hours.

  • Make at least 10 calls a week

  • $ 10 will be donated to Bernie for every caller who makes at least 10 calls a week. I will post proof of donation every Sunday/Monday.

If you're not familiar with BerniePB or Phonebanking:

  • BerniePB is a browser extension that tracks your calls through the official Bernie Dialer.

  • Register on BerniePB (sometimes, there may be an error at first try, check your email though, if no email, try again), install extension and apply for membership in our team.

  • Signup for a shift (You can also call without signing up)

Note: Anyone can phonebank from anywhere, including foreigners.

Full stats so far:

* WeekRankCallsCallersDonation Proof
11/18-11/24223197$ 70
11/11-11/17128799$ 90
11/04-11/1027287$ 32, $ 22
10/28-11/32177213$ 151
10/21-10/273189211$ 110
Total$ 470

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