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from u/mightymane6

Spot on in my opinion

A few big differences between Warren & Bernie:

There is also a more nuanced distinction between them I'd like to make, with all the political differences aside. The one area I think Bernie absolutely dominates where Warren doesn't, is with rhetoric. They both are offering tons of plans, but to me Bernie is the only candidate with a strong message of how it will all be executed. If you want to implement even a fraction of either Warren's or Bernie's plans you need a radical change in voter engagement in this country, and I have never seen a politician who can rally young people and apathetic people into the political process as well as Bernie has. In 2015 he was nothing but a small Independent Senator from Vermont, and he went on to win 23 contests against the establishment backed former First Lady, Secretary of State, and Senator of New York. Now he is arguably one of the most popular politicians in America, and he has changed the political rhetoric among leading Democrats. Just look at the incredibly influential organizations that stemmed out of his 2016 campaign:

Bernie's central thesis to his entire political rhetoric is of revolution, of a movement… and he is right. We need big changes to address the existential crises of this country and frankly the entire planet. The only way we do that is if millions of people stand up and get involved in the political process.

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