POLL: Should r/SandersForPresident make Shahid Buttar the first congressional candidate we endorse?

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Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, but as he said: The struggle continues. The r/SandersForPresident community is continuing the struggle by advocating for candidates and causes. Shahid Buttar is the first candidate we are considering endorsing.

Mr. Buttar is the Director of Grassroots Advocacy for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a key digital rights advocacy group, and is in a November run-off against Nancy Pelosi for California's District 12 congressional seat. He has taken many bold progressive stances and proven adept at both fundraising and campaigning. He did an AMA with us this past weekend

In the spirit of Not me, Us! we now ask:

Should r/SandersForPresident endorse Shahid Buttar for Congress?

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