Polls are terrible – A canvasser’s perspective

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So, I ended up knocking something like 150 to 200 ish doors in Iowa and I'll tell you, it feels like the Iowa polls are completely off. Like horribly inaccurate or taking a lot of things for granted.

For one, there are tons of people who are undecided, have no idea what is going on, some people asked me what's a caucus, others had no idea Bernie was running because they're not paying that much attention. Even if this set wasn't so random, the amount of people that can be turned out to vote is probably enormous compared to people who made up their minds.

For two, there is strong Bernie support and if they don't support him, they're otherwise mostly undecided, or weakly supporting some candidate but still "love" Bernie. We need to show the undecided and the ones who aren't sure that this is a movement and we're taking this.

I guess, what I'm trying to say is, for all of our sakes, volunteer! Large swaths of people have no idea what is happening and we just need to have them show up for Bernie.

I'm so happy we made so many calls and I've seen some amazing door knockers over the weekend. It gives me so much hope. If we do the work, we will win. Victory is there for the taking, we just need to take it.

The polls don't reflect crap and they're simply there to demotivate us. I'm ignoring them and volunteering come hell or high water because if we do, we win. Simple as that. Someone tweeted, and I paraphrase, "we're riding this train till the mother f-ing wheels come off." All aboard!

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