Post Debate Pep Talk (Thoughts and Criticism Welcome)

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For those of us hosting debate parties, I think we should give a pep talk if we can to our fellow supporters. Here’s the gist of what I plan to say to whoever comes to my debate party.

“Before everyone goes I’d like to say a few words. Look around at what’s going, truly horrific things are going on in this world. Blistering egos are in power from Brazil, the UK, Poland, Russia, the United States. They will usher in a new dark age unless we stop them. People might ask, why did we have to live through these horrible times. But the answer is simple, that is not up to us what sort of times we live in , it is up to us what to do with the time that is given us.

Now it’s not the time for despair but for hope. We will defeat all these global threats. And we will, starting with the Prez himself. We shall overcame. So when you go out there to phone bank or to knock on doors, be sure to say that our movement is not about the Democratic Party, it’s not about purity, its not even about Bernie himself, it’s not even about politics when it comes down to it, it’s about our basic humanity and the fact that there is more that binds us than divides us.

Just imagine what would happen if instead of fighting each other, we fight for each other instead. In this election it’s about the survival of our species and our humanity, it’s about rejecting our petty self interests and acting together in solidarity for the good of our species and our planet.

Trump is just a passing thing, the last gasp of hate and intolerance. To quote an ancient Hebrew teaching, “This too shall pass” We’re gonna win this primary and beat Donald Trump in the general election because our humanitarianism is stronger than corporate money, stronger than the forces of greed and political expedience, stronger than fascism. We’re going to win this thing if we put our hearts into this, and Trump will just be a footnote in history. Yes we can.”

TLDR: I think those of us hosting debate parties have to give pep talks to our fellow supporters. What I plan to say whoever comes to my debate part is that this movement isn’t just politics but a humanitarian movement. That our common bonds as humans are stronger than corporate greed and stronger than the hate spewed on a daily basis. We will beat Trump.

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