Prediction: Bernie Sanders Is Not Only The Only Sincere Candidate For Med 4 All He Will Come Out With A Mind Blowing Policy That Will Make Him The Nominee

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We have to fight for Bernie He will change everything for the better

I suspect he will come out with a winner component of a platform and it will leave everyone in the dust. I have an idea that if he eliminates student debt ( never ending student debt) Seniors have their social security garnished. This is the only debt you take to your grave. I do not have student debt. However I know people who started out with ten's of thousands that has grown to hundreds of thousands. They never defaulted.

Bernie might just go full on bold and win.

We have to flood the polls. Bernie will also win by constantly visiting and talking with voters. Please fight for Bernie, donate, canvass , do anything that you can. If you only donate $ 1 that is great because you just increased his numbers in unique donors , which means voters! Let's fight for Bernie!

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