Pretty sure I just got a call from someone pretending to be a part of the Bernie campaign.

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I figured it would be a congratulatory call or something, like I’ve read has happened before, she was going into the whole thing about a grassroots movement, 1000000 volunteers, etc, I was super stoked to be getting the call. She than asked if I could commit to a monthly donation to the Bernie camp, I declined as I already donate regularly and it’s easier to keep track of anyway. It’s at this point that she asks if she can send me a form so that I can mail back a donation, and apparently I’ll have to give my card number to do this(for some reason). I again decline because I prefer to go online(and was getting suspicious at this point anyway) and the money is going to Bernie either way. She than assured me that I wouldn’t need to give her my 3 digit code on the card, and after repeated denials, I just entirely don’t trust her at this point.

PSA folks, only ever donate through the official campaign website, it’s just safer.

It may have been a real campaign worker, but with all the phone scams in the world today, you can’t just call people from a list and ask for their credit card number.

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