[Rant] I find it funny how easy it is to convince my republican friends and family to vote for Sanders than it is to convince my own Democratic family.

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Here's some context. I live in the tristate area of West Virginia. Where I'm from is a purple district as compared to rest of the state. My mom's side of the family is mostly republican and my dad's side of the family is mostly democratic. Me and my two siblings are independent but usually vote democrat. I have friends and acquaintances all across the political spectrum.

I don't try to discus politics with my republican friends and family, but when i do I always find a way to compromise with them. For instance they usually agree with me on the topic of legalizing marijuana, ending the mass incarceration rate, and getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan. They don't fully agree with Bernie Sanders, but would rather vote for him than they would Donald Trump.

Same can't be said about my democratic family. My mom plans on voting for Warren, mainly because she's tired of old white men running for president and thinks that Bernie's heart problems is now the end of his campaign. All my dad cares about is getting Trump out of office. He dislikes Sanders and Warren because he thinks their policies will never get passed. While he dislikes Biden, he's probably going to vote for him. My sister likes Bernie, but think he's to old. My brother is the only person that's probably going to vote for Sanders in the primary.

It seems when I try to convince them to vote for Bernie or debunk all the smear tactics the main stream media uses at him, their response is to get me and my generation to get out there and vote for him.

What advice would you give me to convince my family to vote for him?

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