Really wanted to join Bernie’s campaign, not sure now

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Really interested in joining Bernie Bros, but after the feud with Bill Gates, I am hesitating. Need some answers to this question:

  1. How do we justify taxing the Bill Gates 95% of his wealth just because he created a company that has changed the way we used computers all over the world.

  2. You guys put too much trust in the government, in my parents’ home country Vietnam – the government are the richest people because they take advantage of regulating and restrictions capital for private enterprises while they get bribes from state companies they run with taxpayer’s money. You want a world like that?

  3. Sanders is worth around 2.5 mil USD, does he need that much money too? It makes him look like a hypocrite.

  4. I for one think that we should have a system where everyone has a fair chance of amassing yourself billions if you have the ability, you cannot restrict evolution – that’s counterproductive and will freeze innovation etc. gotta give people’s incentives to evolve

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