Sanders and furthering progressive endorsements

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With the energized elections of Charles Booker and Jamaal Bowman (easily two great candidates,) should we push for Bernie to endorse more progressives candidates like Andrew Romanoff and Ed Markey their respective senate race against Hickenlooper and Kennedy?

My opinion is that I’d like to see them because it would good to have Bernie keep more allies in the senate like Senator Markey and obviously younger progressives like Booker and Romanoff to continue the fight for our values. Romanoff has been able to shorten the gap between him and Hickenlooper and Markey just got the endorsement from Corey Booker which helps him keep Kennedy farther away from taking his seat since Corey Booker was a lot about justice reform. I feel like Romanoff and Markey would have a better shot in the senate if Bernie endorses them since they fight for the same values as him.

Romanoff closing the gap:

Corey Booker endorsing Markey:

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