Sanders’ CNN Climate Town Hall Q’s & A’s

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Q: What would you ask Americans to sacrifice?

A: He seemed to bungle a bit, grasping for specifics.

Can’t fault him, it’s not easy to be quick on your feet with the press and live TV, etc.

But I think he could have stuck with his theme on morality and simply turned the question on its head – “Let’s Ask Americans, are you willing to sacrifice your children’s and grandchildren’s future for conveniences today?”

Q: Something about population control.

A: He did a nice job mentioning the role of women’s rights, but in terms of sustainability/climate, population control control is a bit of a red herring. When 1/4 of the population is responsible for 1/2 the waste/pollution consumption (rough figures, but you get the idea) it is clear that consumption & inequality are just as important.

That’s all for now. Will probably think of more later.

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