Sanders foreign policy

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Bernie Sanders, offers a more systemic criticism of US militarism. He calls for a significant reduction in the $ 700 billion annualmilitary budget. "Do we really need to spend more than the next ten nations combined on the military," he asks, "when our infrastructure is collapsing and kids can’t afford to go to college?"

Progressive Caucus chair Bernal says she’s seen a lot of progress in his views since the 2016 campaign, when he tended to de-emphasize foreign policy. "His base wants him to be much more progressive," she says, and he responded.

In a 2017 speech on foreign policy, Sanders rejected the "benevolent global hegemony" promoted by some in Washington. "I would argue that the events of the past two decades – particularly the disastrous Iraq war and the instability and destruction it has brought to the region – have utterly discredited that vision."

Sanders has opposed all the recent US wars of aggression and has said the US should take military intervention "off the table" in Venezuelaand Iran. Instead, Sanders emphasizes diplomacy and the need to root out the underlying causes of international conflict.

For sure, Sanders, as a democratic socialist, is still a captive of some Cold War myths. For example, in his 2017 speech he praises the Marshall Plan as an example of the US unselfishly helping to rebuild Japan and Germany after World War II. In fact, the Marshall Plan was aimed at tying those countries toUS corporate interests and isolating the then-USSR. And it’s not clear how Sanders might react if confronted by liberals calling for military intervention on humanitarian grounds. more

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