Sanders would not support the recent anti-Biden push on this sub. Bernie endorsed him, so let’s continue the fight: Let’s show how he is better than the alternative

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It saddens me that this country as a whole has still not voted for the big change we need, and that progress will occur slower than we all hope. Yet we must remain ardent supporters in these ideas.

The seeds sown by Bernie and others will take root, just as long as we continue fighting and sharing the knowledge that informs these policies.

While not as horrendous as the garbage in the WayOfTheBern sub, there is a little bit of anti-Biden sentiment here. If any progress is to be made this election, that needs to stop.

Don't forget: Bernie endorsed Biden.

I've been an active supporter of Obama, Bernie, Warren, and other state and local progressives for over a decade. The negativity will turn people off from blue voting. 2018 was a success because we were unified. While Biden is not my favorite candidate, the opposition wants to continue their regressive agenda. We have to begin to see Biden for the incremental improvement that he is, the same way that Bernard does.

Now that's not a free pass, either. Give the moderates hell, if (and when) they drag their feet. Just remember to keep it all in perspective, and support the long term effort.

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