Should I be worried about Bernie’s health?

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I know this sounds malicious, but I need to disclose that I absolutely want Bernie to win and I wholeheartedly believe he should be our 46th President. However, I come at an impasse when discussing Bernie's health. Sure, he seems healthy now and will go back to the trail being a warrior for us all, but I don't want to lie to myself saying everything is going to be okay.

The media is definitely going to spin the narrative that he shouldn't run due to his health scare and I disavow that completely. However, with a heart attack, there are long-term effects. Even if it's a light procedure, how can we be sure this doesn't happen again? What if it does and he can't recover from it? I want to feel hope for our future and I think Bernie can best deliver on that. But I really don't want this to get worse.

Am I getting something wrong? Am I missing something or is this a genuine concern? I don't know, I just want to discuss about it in hopes of quashing my fears.

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