Should SFP endorse Paula Jean Swearengin for U.S. Senator for West Virginia?

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Paula Jean Swearengin is a long-time ally of Bernie Sanders in West Virginia. From a coal-mining family, Paula Jean has been fighting for progressive causes in WV for a long time. Her platform includes Medicare For All, diversifying West Virginia's economy with a Green New Deal, and fighting the opioid epidemic.

Paula Jean is a proven campaigner. She ran against the incumbent Senator Manchin in 2018 and won 30% of the votes in a high-turnout primary. This year, it's an open Democratic primary, and Paula Jean is running a strong campaign to take on the the incumbent Republican.

You can read more about Paula Jean on her campaign website, Wikipedia, or in the documentary she stars in with AOC, Knock Down The House.

Should we endorse Paula Jean?

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