Signed Bernie’s petition to oppose Brett Kavanaugh’s Nomination to the Supreme Court

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If I may share a little post-signature comment (my apologies in advance for the acerbic tone):

If there is any good that might come from this appointment–which is sure to unleash untold harm and inhumanity onto the world–it is that more and more liberal-oriented Americans will wake up to the reality most of us live in of a fundamentally broken and un-reformable constitution. This new supreme court will help clarify how thanks to a broken constitution a centrist leadership (especially of the 90s but also going back to the very beginning) has helped lead us precisely to this point. History is now catching up to the hypocritical so-called "center left". This block could have taken its rightful place as a minority in support of a progressive majority (which is how some parliamentary formations have taken shape from time to time in the EU). Instead, the American corporate news media successfully painted, through its myth making ideology, progressive politics as part of a "radical" and "extreme" left, effectively scaring millions away from many perspectives which might otherwise best represent their interests. The progressive left has made its own mistakes, but by and large the myth of the Clintonite ideology as the ideal and truest vision of American democratic constituencies has been one of the biggest shams of the post WW II era and arguably a "radical" departure from the ideas and sincere ideals of Bobby Kennedy and his brother. Clintonite ideology is still alive but developments each day are slowly revealing its underlying aims and nefarious nature.

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