Staunch Sanders Supporter Here, but I have a question about M4A

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Hi all. First I would like to say I am without a doubt 100% a Sanders supporter no matter what and believe he is the only candidate to actually give us a chance of real, meaningful change in this country especially for the long term. I love all of the policies he has proposed and would vote for him no matter what, but I just have a quick question I'd like to ask on his medicare for all bill.

I came across this tweet thread and while I know I had read something like this before I couldn't be sure. But basically, my question is, being under 35, I know I'd have to wait until year 4 to be enrolled in the program according to this tweet thread. What happens until then? Or am i missing something in the M4A proposal? I really don't want this to come off as insincere because I'm voting for Bernie no matter what, as I said, but I'd just like some clarification on this, mainly to just have as much knowledge on the bill as possible.

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