The Illinois House of Representatives has introduced an amendment to HB5574 that would forgive rent and mortgage payments to those effected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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House Sponsors Rep. Delia C. Ramirez – Carol Ammons – Will Guzzardi – La Shawn K. Ford – Mary E. Flowers, Elizabeth Hernandez, Theresa Mah, Kelly M. Cassidy, LaToya Greenwood, Edgar Gonzalez, Jr., Aaron M. Ortiz, Karina Villa, Daniel Didech, Barbara Hernandez, Sonya M. Harper, Jonathan "Yoni" Pizer, Rita Mayfield, Maurice A. West, II, Camille Y. Lilly, Debbie Meyers-Martin, Anne Stava-Murray, Arthur Turner, Lindsey LaPointe, Justin Slaughter and Bob Morgan

If you live in Illinois, call your legislators and share on social media.

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