The importance of just talking to people

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I went to urgent care yesterday (I'm totally fine it wasn't a big deal) but I wore my Bernie buttons on my jacket as I always do when I leave the house. I ended up giving out three extra buttons that I carry with me to the nurses who noticed the buttons and asked me about Bernie Sanders. A couple of the nurses did not even know he was running for president again! They said they voted for him in 2016 but didn't realize he was running again because "We never hear about him on the news" (I should be posting this on r/bernieblindness lol)

I talked to them all about how he is still running and is almost in first place nationally. I hammered home the date of March 10 (Michigan's primary) and encouraged them to make sure they're still registered to vote on

The whole point of me telling this story is to highlight how important it is to just get out and talk to people. Anybody. The time of "I'm too awkward to talk to strangers" or "It's taboo in America to talk about politics" absolutely has to end. This is too important. I can't help but feel like Bernie picked up a couple more votes because of the conversations I had yesterday.

Anyways I just wanted to share that with you all. If you've been waiting on a sign to drop those social barriers you have put up and get out and just talk to people (whether it's in line at a store, the nurses at the doctor's office, your coworkers, your friends at the New Years Party coming up) this is the sign. Talk about Bernie. There are still people out there who don't know he is even running. Please. My (and your) future depends on him getting elected. We need your help.

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