The memory of my mother: why I’m voting for Bernie

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My mom didn’t have health insurance. My mom got diagnosed with breast cancer. They caught it early, very early – it was tiny and very treatable – no sentinel node involvement.

My mom made too much money to qualify for government supported health care but not enough money to afford out of pocket health care and she owned her own business so no company healthcare – especially after now having a “pre-existing condition.” My mom chose to forgo treatment and die instead of wracking up hundreds of thousands – if not millions of dollars – in health care debt. By the time she could claim disability which qualified her for government health care the cancer was in her brain, spinal cord, and bones. Her health insurance at that point was pointless other than providing hospice.

To reiterate that statement: my mom chose to die instead of going into debt to treat her breast cancer.

She died thinking it was her only option. She was an extraordinary woman. Left behind four kids, many friends and even some animals that loved her. She should and would still be here if our health care system wasn't so fucked.

So the next time you try and rationale that health care isn’t a human right – please look up my mom’s obituary and remember her choice was crippling debt or death from an otherwise treatable condition.

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