The world burns, we need the #BernUnit [Discussion, socializing an idea]

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Hey folks,

I've been on the Bernie bandwagon since the primary fight in '16 and am thrilled to see the enthusiasm and be a part of his campaign again. I wanted to socialize an idea for a hashtag and suggest how I think it'd be effective with a 'template tweet'.

After watching some of the town halls, #BernUnit came to mind as in

"The world is burning and Bernie is the best candidate to address the challenges of climate change. We need the #BernUnit"

something along those lines… but I think it's great for almost anything in a template like this

"I've been burned by ____ that's why I joined the #BernUnit so we can be a better US"

I know it's a bit corny, but I'm thinking it plays well in a lot of ways …

  • 'getting burned' is a common phrase that's usually about 'social injuries' so a 'burn unit' in this case is about righting a social problem,
  • it could be unifying thing without any gender dynamics like "Bernie Bros",
  • and it's about uniting to heal our country – recognizing problems, addressing it with a solution – which is counter to MAGA which is implying we need to go backwards to a 'greater' time

Bernie fought since he was a young adult for issues that still are challenging us today. So I know he doesn't think going backwards is going to solve our problems. He wants our country to be better and would hope for us to push forward instead of looking back.

Anyways. Love you guys, love Bernie. Would appreciate any thoughts or similar ideas.

(I had a similar post removed last night, but haven't heard back from the mods about how to improve it… I also looked for the 'daily discussion thread' suggested and don't actually think that exists? So I've added more content, cleaned it up and labeled it as a discussion thread to give it 'direction'.)

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