This past weekend I called my lifelong republican parents who live in Florida….

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My parents, particularly my father, are huge Trump fans. Anytime I tried to bring up politics with them in the past, my dad just gets too heated and spouts all the typical fox news BS.

This past weekend I was feeling particularly down about the state of the world so I decided to call my parents. I talked to my mom for an hour about how serious climate change is, how Trump is screwing over LGBTQ+ people (my wife is trans), and how much it hurts me that my own parents are voting against their children's and grandchildren's best interests.

My mom and I ended up both crying and at the end of the conversation she agreed to buy a book I recommended on the history of LGBTQ+ people and also agreed to read some articles I would share with them about other issues.

I sent the email with some links from things like 'the basics of climate change from NASA' to a complete list of anti-trans policies the Trump administration has done. I also included a link to Bernie's campaign issues.

My mom replied saying it would take her a little while to read them but she promised to do so. That was on Sunday. I haven't heard from them since but today on Facebook I made a post about canvassing for Bernie, and MY DAD LIKED MY POST. My father NEVER likes my political posts, EVER. I know this doesn't sound like much, but after so many years of trying to get my parents to listen, I think I might have actually started to break through (though I know I still have a lot of work to do). I love my parents deeply and it hurts me so much to see how brainwashed they are from republican propaganda. This little 'like' on my Facebook post fuels me with so much hope.

I just wanted to share this small victory with you guys and maybe inspire some people to open up that conversation again with their republican family members, no matter how hopeless it seems.

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