This story is the kind of thing that makes me want to go with Bernie [healthcare: UVA predatory level collections and insane policies]

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I haven't decided yet, long road ahead….but this story brings me back to many things I've heard Sanders say.

Not only is healthcare simple unaffordable, the system is fully corrupt.

Keep in mind, UVA is a non-profit, government funded, hospital system…

The medical center, the flagship of UVA Health System, earned $ 554 million in profit over the six years ending June 2018, and holds stocks, bonds and other investments worth $ 1 billion, according to financial statements. CEO Sutton-Wallace makes $ 750,000, with bonus incentives that could push her annual pay close to $ 1 million, according to a copy of her employment contract, obtained under public information law.

but more….

Insurance companies get a 70% discount on procedures, but a normal person is lucky to get 15%?

Full story:

My friends from other countries see this and honestly laugh at us and feel sorry for us. Keep fighting the good fight Bernie, I hope you win.

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