To what extent were the 2016 primaries actually rigged against Sanders/ for Hillary?

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This question was sparked by the fact that I've recently become aware of some outrage movements (some of which I have been a part of) that are actually based off false premises or ignore the details/nuance in the situations. Because of this I have become increasingly skeptical of any large claims that are easily stoked by anger, because I felt like I was cheated, tricked, and otherwise manipulated to feel a certain way about perceived slights.

Anyway, I had took it as a given from hearsay that the primaries were rigged against Bernie, but some googling gives me sources that say the primaries weren't rigged against him, and instead in some aspects actually favored him.

But then looking at a segment of a Michael Moore video, he says that Bernie had basically swept all the counties for a state, but Hillary somehow still got the votes for it, with similar situations happening across multiple states. The sources that say it wasn't rigged don't discuss this at all so I'm kind of confused.

I know that asking this in a Bernie subreddit will obviously give me biased info and probably a decent amount of low effort hive minded responses, but it's also the place I feel like I can get the most all round info without worrying about secret agendas and the like.


Sources in question:

-Michael moore on democrats:

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